Captain Roy's Rules of The Road Study Aid

What an easy way for every boater, no matter your skill level, to learn and understand the Rules of the Road. This application is necessary for anyone operating a boat or for those preparing for their Coast Guard Exam at any level!

This application contains:

Interactive Quizzes and Exams with History

The complete Inland and International Rules of the Road

Animations to demonstrate the proper execution of the Rules

Pictures of all boats lighting requirements

Active sound signals for maneuvering and restricted visibility.

There are review questions for each section of the rules to ensure understanding as you study.

A Coast Guard Rules Exam practice area. There are about 300 Coast Guard database questions that are randomly selected to simulate the Coast Guard 30 question exams. This allows for thousands of combinations. The answers are also mixed each time a question comes up. Scoring for each exam is provided so you can track your progress.

For all the review and practice exams all answers are keyed to the specific rule that applies. Miss a question, no problem. The program will allow you to review the rule, with highlighted references, for any missed questions ensuring a positive learning experience.

Every boat operator has the responsibility to understand, and follow, the on-the-water rules for your safety, the safety of your passengers, and other boats sharing the water.